Our Offering

A multi-strand approach to achieve results: Three core offers which lead to Brand Building
Spreading the word

We collaborate with key influencers & panels of people to spread the word

Testing & Development

We ask your target audience to test, and help us improve and review your brands

Insight & Analysis

Through testing, developing products and then listening to consumers

Brand building

All of our WoM tools enable us to establish and build brand awareness

Collaborating with your brand advocates

Word of Mouth Marketing. Putting brands in the hands of influencers and consumers - Your 'Collaborators'.

Brand Building & Online Strategy

Establishing a brand is one thing: growing it and increasing its visibility is another.
Helping Businesses Gain Digital Visibility

A business without an online presence, is like a book without a cover... Whether you’re a new, small, or local business; or simply want your business to be more digitally-visible, WoM Republic can help you. Working with a multitude of local companies, both new and established, ranging from restaurants to gardeners, to clothing companies and food brands; WoM Republic are driving the growth of businesses through devising bespoke campaigns and digital strategies for our clients. We understand our clients' needs, and work with them closely to build online and offline communities for their businesses, through brand identity and website builds, activation and ongoing management of paid advertising (such as Google PPC and Adnetworks) and social media accounts, SEO and site audits, managing events; and ultimately maximising their digital reach within their target market.

  • Website Design & Build; and Brand Identity & Naming

    Offering a web design and build solution for small business; with brand naming and brand identity assistance.

  • Market Planning, Email Marketing, Content Creation

    Assisting businesses with market planning and analysis, pre and post launch. Offering email marketing solutions; and copy writing.

  • SEO, Site Audits & PPC; And Social Media Activation & Management

    Aiding your site's search engine rankings, site audits; and enhancing your business's PPC and social media activity.

  • Experiential Marketing Campaigns; and Event Management

    Offering full end-to-end, bespoke business event management, and experiential marketing campaigns.

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Our Team

Meet the faces behind WoM Republic Ltd.
Kabeer Ghale
Kabeer Ghale
Founding Partner
Gemma Stokes
Gemma Stokes
Founding Partner

Word of Mouth Marketing is the oldest, and most trusted form of marketing. It has stood the test of time. When we discover a new brand or product, we all love to talk about them and when we really like something, we tell our friends and connections about them.

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